Tijeras creativas: Stella Walker

Otra de las cosas maravillosas que descubrí en Gràcia es la peluquería de Anthony Llobet. Siempre que pasaba por delante decía “cuando me tenga que cortar el pelo vendré aquí”. Me daba la impresión de que sus estilistas tenían que ser personas muy creativas y originales. Un día me animé y la verdad es que no me llevé decepciones.

La estilista que me atendió se llama Stella Walker, una chica inglesa que vive en Barcelona desde hace unos años, y quedé tan contenta con ella que la adopté como mi única peluquera. ¿Lo mejor? Cuando voy a cortarme el pelo aprovecho y practico mi inglés.


“My name is Stella Walker. I was born in Leeds, Northern England, in 1984. I’m a hairdresser. I love playing piano, socialising, partying, tattoos and being creative.”

De tres en tres 

Tres verbos: give, receive and listen.

Tres personajes: Jay, Samantha Jones and Anthony Robbins.

Tres momentos: moving to Barcelona, playing the piano, being with family and frieds.

¿Cuál es tu lugar favorito en Barcelona? ¿Por qué?

There are too many amazing places in Barcelona…I have not got a favourite.
All the barrios have such a different feel to them…The city has something for everyone! The buzzing city centre, then all the beaches… It’s the perfect size city to get around! It’s a beautiful city and feel very lucky to live here!

¿Por qué te fuiste de Inglaterra y por qué viniste a Barcelona?

I always came on holiday here, well for Sonar festival, and the first time I came, I fell in love with the city! I have never really liked the UK even when I was a young girl. I always felt like I was born in the wrong country! I am happy here, and that was my only plan from the beginning. If I am happy, I will stay forever… Just go with the flow!

Si no fueras estilista, ¿a qué te dedicarías?

If I wasn’t a stylist I would have pursued music more than I did. I studied music before I became a stylist! I do teach the piano a little bit as well, which I enjoy!

Si un cliente te pide un corte de pelo terrible, ¿qué haces? ¿Lo complaces?

Well, depends how terrible! Some people have some crazy ideas of what they think look good; all I can do is advice and give my professional opinion, and at the end of the day, I like to do a cut I am proud of! And a ‘Mullet’ is not one!

 ¿Qué es lo mejor y lo peor de ser estilista?

The best thing about being a stylist is get to be creative, it never really gets boring and especially working in Barcelona you get to meet people from all round the world who come into the salon! The worst thing: probably the demand for some crazy weird hairstyles, and working with the public in general can be challenging at times!



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